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Art Information

Art Department
The combination of an educated Account Executive and a talented Art Department enables us to create exceptional products that promote your image. The art department is not only the place where designs are created and modified, it is where quality control of your imprint begins. Your logo can be scanned into the computer for use in a t-shirt design. You can also submit your art via email. W e can also email you a final version of your art in color for approval before production. Since your imprint is only as good as the art, we take care to get it right the first time.

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Art Requirements
The following guidelines are provided to assist you in submitting art that will ensure seamless and timely completion of your order. 
Camera Ready Art 
Camera ready art is defined as black and white art (line art) that has sharp, clean lines, requires no retouching; is complete with text and/or graphics, preferably "to size," and is ready to be taken directly to film. 
Clean PMTs, STATs or high resolution (600 dpi minimum) laser prints are acceptable. 
We expect that you have proofread your art before sending it to us and that it is correct and ready for immediate processing to film upon our receipt. 

Art is not camera ready if it is:

  • in color
  • has any gray tones, half-tones, shadows, textures or screens
  • photo-copied or faxed
  • a business card, stationary or newsprint
  • soiled, smudged, torn or bent

There is no charge if clean, clear 600 dpi minimum, color separated art is provided to size. Art time will be billed if art needs to be output from email or a disk, recreated, touched up, color separated, scanned etc. The minimum art charge is 1/4 hour.