Fulfillment Programs Overview

Trademarks Promotional Products offers a variety of fulfillment programs to meet the needs of our customers.  Listed below are those program types from the most requested and best, to least requested.  All of these programs would have an e-commerce store web site set up by Trademarks for the customer to order the goods.

  1.  Customer Owned Goods Web Store – this type of fulfillment program is a storage type program for goods owned by the customer.  As goods are ordered for the program, the customer is invoiced for the goods, set-up charges (as applicable) and incoming freight charges.  The goods are placed into inventory until the customer places orders for outgoing goods.  When an order is placed for outgoing goods, the order is pulled, packed and shipped and the customer is charged only for the outgoing freight.  This type of program has a monthly storage charge based on the number of items in the program and the number of transaction on a monthly basis.  Storage charges are billed monthly.

  2. Drop Ship/Virtual Item Web Store – this type of program is a web site set up with items chosen by the customer and their Trademarks Account Executive.  The items are posted in the e-commerce web store with no inventory stored at Trademarks.  When an order is placed, the customer would pay for the goods, the order would be sent to the manufacturer and the goods produced and shipped based on the factory’s standard production time (the Trademarks AE would work with the customer to choose items from vendors with quick production time so the wait for product would be minimized).  Standard production times would be listed on the web site.  Charges for this type of program are based on the number of items in the initial set-up, with web site fees for the initial set-up and then annually for site and item maintenance.

  3. Trademarks House Owned Store with Customer Deposit – this type of program is a web site where the items are owned by Trademarks but the customer places a deposit with Trademarks against the value of the inventory.  This allows for the user to pay for the goods as opposed to the customer paying for the goods.  Trademarks collects the monies as the goods are sold and replenishes inventory as needed.  Costs would be included in the sell price of each item for the storage and management of the goods and a web site charge for the initial set-up with an annual charge for site and item maintenance.  There would also be a small monthly storage fee based on the inventory value at the end of each month.  This encourages all to keep the inventory levels low.  Standard inventory turns for this type of program are 3-4 turns per year.

  4. Wearables Batching Program – this type of program is designed for customer who wish to offer a variety of wearable (t-shirts, polo shirts, hats, jackets, etc.) for their employees to choose from, either paid for by the individual or by the customer company.  A web site is set up with the goods chosen by the customer with their Trademarks AE.  At pre-set times (typically twice a month) the data for orders placed is gather by Trademarks and the items are batch together, produced and shipped to the person who ordered the goods.  If paid for by the individual, they would pay with credit card at check out.  If paid by the customer company, an invoice would be sent after the goods are shipped.  There would be web site charges for the initial set-up and annual fees for site and item maintenance.

Store type #1 cannot be combined with the other store types.
Store types #2-4 can run individually or be combined with the other 3 stores types for different types of items.  A Trademarks owned store from #3 could also have some items as described in type #2 for example. 

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