Digital Art

Digital Art
Trademarks can accept your art digitally if you follow these guidelines. Send an editable, vector-based version of all files, including all linked and placed images. 
Art may be sent via email to 
If the file is over 5 MB compress the file using either StuffIt (Mac) or WinZip (PC) 

Mac or Pc

CD or DVD / USB Drive / Email / FTP Upload

Programs (Current Versions)

  • Adobe Illustrator (preferred)
  • Freehand   
  • Adobe Photoshop 

    ****All fonts must be converted to oulines or curves. 
    A .gif, .jpg and .bmp files are not sufficient for art. These file formats usually require art time to make them acceptable. 
    A .tif file may be suitable for art if it is only a 1 color imprint and has been saved at 1200 dpi resolution. A .tif may require additional art time as well. 
    Remember to indicate the actual size of the art.